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Standart Kitchens Direct

Go straight to Home - Really Cheap Kitchens and save 80% off London prices for fitted kitchens. I have absolutely no problems whatsoever in recommending this company to anyone and everyone who is looking at buying a fitted kitchen in the London area. This company charged me £2800 for my kitchen and that was including fitting and granite fitting. I got quoted £32,000 from one London kitchen company and the very best price that I got anywhere in London was £8000 for the kitchen, £2500 for the kitchen to be fitted and £2900 just for the granite to be cut. That’s £13,400 for exactly the same as I bought from Home - Really Cheap Kitchens for £2800. What is it about London that makes everything so expensive? I can buy the same kind of house that I have here in London for a hundred and fifty grand in Yorkshire yet it’s half a million here. I’m going to get my kitchen fitted, sell up and move up north and start living rather than just surviving.
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